What are the categories of microphones? Where can I buy a cell phone microphone

As people’s cell phones become more and more intelligent, many people will download some karaoke software on the phone, and these karaoke software will generally access the phone’s microphone, so where can you buy the phone’s microphone? What are the categories of microphones?

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Cell phone radio microphone

I. What are the categories of microphones?

According to the principle of energy conversion, microphones can be divided into electric microphones and condenser microphones. Among them, the electric category can be subdivided into dynamic microphones and aluminum ribbon microphones .

The common types of commercial microphone companies are condenser microphones, crystal through microphone carbon microphone systems and development of dynamic microphones. There are two types of energy sources commonly used in microphones: DC bias power and electret film. Both condenser microphones and crystal microphones convert acoustic energy into electrical energy, which creates a constantly changing electric field. Carbon microphones use a DC voltage source that converts the sound signal into an electrical signal by changing the resistance through sound vibrations. Capacitive microphones, crystal microphones and carbon microphones all produce a voltage signal proportional to the displacement of the sensitive membrane, while dynamic microphones produce a voltage signal proportional to the vibration rate of the sensitive membrane. Dynamic microphones use permanent magnets as energy source and use induction effect to convert acoustic energy into electrical energy.

Second, how does a cell phone radio microphone work?

Microphones have evolved from resistive to inductive and capacitive transducers, and a large number of new microphone technologies have been developed, including microphones such as aluminum drive coils, as well as capacitive and electret microphones, which are now widely used. Coil microphones work by using the human voice in the air to vibrate a diaphragm, then an electromagnetic coil is wound around the diaphragm, and a magnet wound around the head of the coil creates a magnetic field cutting through it, creating a weak fluctuating current. The current is delivered to the amplifier, and then the fluctuating generated current can be turned into a sound by the opposite process.

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